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Skorpa declared that he would look for Beocca first on the battlefield, and he and his men left. Uhtred and his men then headed to the Danes' camp at Hunstanton, where he warmly reunited with Shitric, who revealed to the others that his defection had been a part of a ruse. Brida decided that she would leave to meet with the younger Ragnar by herself, angry that Uhtred had made a promise to Alfred. Eadith then told her brother to flee to Francia, and he rode off as his horsemen returned to Aylesbury. Kjartan initially believed that Uhtred was killed, but Uhtred later surfaced while attempting to regain the title "Ealdorman of Bebbanburg" from his uncle, a Danish puppet; he also killed his spymaster Scallion the morning after Ragnar's death. Uhtred sent Sihtric and Rypere to scout out Beamfleot's defenses, planning to rescue Aethelflaed. He then fired the crossbow at Young Uhtred, but Beocca stood in the bolt's path and was killed. Alfred demanded to look at Skade, so Uhtred took him to the jail. Uhtred watched as Ragnar killed Kjartan in single combat, avenging their adopted father. Alfred saw in Uhtred a Dane who cared for no one but himself, unlike Beocca, who saw a potential ally. However, Uhtred does not limit himself to those women with whom he has a long-standing relationship. Before Uhtred could leave, he was confronted by the undergarment-clad Ubbe, who challenged him to a fight to the death. During his ride, a delirious Uhtred hallucinated about Leofric chastising him for his betrayal. Uhtred met Eirik aboard the ship and discovered that Erik, too, wanted to speak to Bjorn, and wanted passage through to Mercia. Upset by Sihtric's claim that Dunholm had no weaknesses, Uhtred himself secretly reconnoitered Dunholm, placing the heads of the killed assassins (including Tekil) onto posts in front of the fortress. Uhtred commanded the first row of West Saxon soldiers, forming a shield wall and advancing against the enemy; Aethelwold, Halig, and Leofric were by his side. Hastein said that his wife and son would become Christians, and he then revealed that he had refused to join Bloodhair's army. Odda gave his word that he would attack once he saw flames rising from the Danish ships. Uhtred meeting with Osferth, Sihtric, and Finan. Uhtred criticized Alfred, saying that Wessex had fallen and that Alfred was a king of nothing, insulting the king. Alfred then toasted Uhtred as the true Lord of Bebbanburg. See more ideas about the last kingdom, kingdom, uhtred of bebbanburg. The priests, Halig, and Hild arrived at the camp that night and spoke with Gelgill to negotiate Guthred's purchase. Uhtred and his men removed their crucifixes at the Tamar River border and dressed in Dane clothing with Dane makeup, and they then crossed into Cornwall. Brida, Ragnar, and Uhtred's reunion at Wareham. Edward decided to give Uhtred 500 men to set a trap in the forest around Beamfleot, and Uhtred allowed for Hastein's spies to see him marching with 30 men. Uhtred and Brida then rode to Bebbanburg, where Uhtred threw down Weland's head and Weland's payment at the foot of the city gates in full view of Aelfric and his bowmen, swearing vengeance against his uncle. Beocca told him not to interrupt prayers, and not to bring his sword, but Uhtred barged into the Great Hall and again made a scene, asking Alfred if anyone had told him that he was at Cynwit. Uhtred was taken back to Ragnar's new home at Syningthwaite, where he was raised by the Danes. Ealhswith then barged in and criticized Alfred for speaking with Uhtred and for possibly inviting him to stand at Edward's side, but Alfred had her leave. However, he explained that he had poor eyesight, and then praised the real Guthred. Apr 23, 2020 - 41.5k Likes, 469 Comments - The Last Kingdom (@thelastkingdom) on Instagram: “Heroes and villains, allies and traitors, friends and foes. However, Beocca promised to join Uhtred once the hard work was done, and Uhtred said that a large feast would be held in his honor. While riding down the road to Chester, Uhtred was joined by Eadith, who told Uhtred that Aethelflaed had sent her, without her brother's knowledge. Uhtred sent Pyrlig to Kingsclare to tell Aethelred of the situation, while he and the others headed to Winchester. Uhtred had Father Beocca marry him and Gisela in secret before heading north, and King Alfred sent Aethelwold to accompany Uhtred as his representative to Guthred. They prevented him from escaping, and they then promised to pay him if he helped them. The first series of eight episodes premiered on 10 October 2015 on BBC America, and on BBC Two in the UK on 22 October 2015. She also expressed her fear that Uhtred would be seen as a tyrant imposed by Wessex. Leofric then requested that he be able to fight Uhtred to the death, as he was confident that he would win due to God's favor. They tracked down the two priests after finding them spending time with prostitutes, and Uhtred decided to wait in Grimsby as the priests got a head start, not wanting to arrive in Bebbanburg before the priests did. When the sword was complete, Uhtred gave the blacksmith more than his due because of the sword's high quality, and Smith warned him that five Saxons and Danes had been asking about him; he then told him to take the sword and "make her sing". The crowd cheered at Edward's decision, and, when Beocca asked Uhtred where his path led, Uhtred said that he hoped that his path would eventually lead north to Bebbanburg, but that he would follow Edward. During the 890s, Uhtred would continue being the lord of Coccham, and he trained the future Edward the Elder, Alfred's son and heir, in combat. Steapa wounded Uhtred by throwing a spaer past his arm, grazing him. "Young Uhtred" saw his father as a priest-killer and the Church as his family, and he had never heard of Bebbanburg, but he reluctantly joined his father on his quest. Eadith meeting Uhtred on the road to Chester. That night, Uhtred saw a torch fall from the walls, and he decided to start the attack, unaware that Aelfric had received reinforcements from his long-lost son Wihtgar. They found her whispering an incantation in her cell, and Alfred had Uhtred leave as they spoke. Uhtred told Sihtric that he could leave if he wanted to, and Sihtric demanded that they duel. There, Ealhswith thanked Uhtred for his sacrifice and confessed that he had positive qualities which she had not recognized in the past. Aethelflaed suggested that she give herself over, but Uhtred told her to never say again that Hastein was telling the truth. However, Uhtred proceeded to place his shirt over her head and hold her underwater, drowning her. When Eadred repeatedly taunted Uhtred about Gisela being married in God's eyes and Uhtred being a heathen, Uhtred stabbed the abbot in the chest with a knife, horrifying Hild and the priests present at the scene, as a holy man was killed at a holy site. Saved by Melody Stewart. Uhtred went back to his battle lines and instructed his cavalry to charge the Danes, but, as the two sides were about to meet in battle, Uhtred had his men turn around and encircle the Cornish warriors. Young Uhtred decided that this was why Uhtred's men would always him, and decided that it was also why he, too, would follow his father. However, Skorpa betrayed Uhtred, taking all of the treasure and leaving Iseult behind. It is a Grade I listed building. Uhtred ignored Beocca's pleas, telling him to ensure that noone followed. Edward had Uhtred unhanded and allowed to speak in front of the people of Wessex, including Aethelwold and Beocca. Uhtred of Bebbanburg by Kath-13 on DeviantArt DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. Uhtred was unable to fight back, collapsing of fatigue after a failed swing. During their stay, Osferth discovered that Cnut and Brida had attacked Mercia, and he relayed this to Uhtred. Alfred then had the devastated Odda the Elder raise the Somerset fyrd, and he refused to forgive his son. Uhtred "the Godless" of Bebbanburg (born 856), born Osbert, was an Anglo-Saxon nobleman of Northumbrian origin who served as Lord of Coccham from 880. Uhtred and Aldhelm then went with Aethelflaed as she met with her brother, and Uhtred informed Edward that there was talk among the ealdormen of Mercia splitting from Wessex. Uhtred offered Skade in place of Aethelflaed, saying that she had "seen" Alfred's death; Hastein agreed to the trade, and Hastein left with Skade, who restored Uhtred's curse before leaving. Uhtred speaking with Alfred before betraying him. Uhtred and Leofric (now his right-hand man) spotted a foraging party of Danes near Liscumb one day, and, days later, they spotted over 300 of them marching; unbeknownst to them, they were commanded by Ragnar. Uhtred told Sihtric that he would head to Ragnar's gravesite and, if Sihtric was still there when he returned, Uhtred would kill him. After Odda and his son left, Leofric told Uhtred that he could have simply asked Young Odda his wife's whereabouts, but Uhtred said that, if that was the case, he wouldn't have seen Young Odda soil himself. Gemerkt von: Omar Cisneros. Uhtred and Finan advised Edward to fight the Danes at Bedanford, and Edward agreed to - with Uhtred's help - find the words to rally the thegns and ealdormen to fight. He also discovered that Aethelflaed, the children, and Edith were with Uhtred, so Edward sent Cenric and his men to track them and bring them back to Aylesbury. However, the family noticed that prayer celebrations were being held at the Great Hall, and, when Uhtred saw Father Beocca, Beocca thought that he had died; Uhtred realized that nobody knew that he was at Cynwit, so he decided to find Alfred. Walking alone, Guthred told Uhtred that he was going to be baptized and would marry a Saxon woman to unite his subjects; he then suggested that Uhtred marry his sister Gisela, and Uhtred would secretly speak with Gisela at the church, finding her to be an independent woman who would choose her own husband. Uhtred pointed out that most of the young ealdormen had been slaughtered and that there were not many suitable candidates left, but Edward decided that he would find someone suitable. Uhtred attended Alfred's funeral until Steapa told him to leave the hall quietly, saying that he had orders to kill him if he did not. She then said that he had to undo the past by destroying Alfred. From there, they split up, with Uhtred, Stiorra, Finan, and Aethelstan heading to Aylesbury and the others remaining at Wollerton to protect Aelfwynn. He then killed Brother Osri, and, when Aelfric came down to see what was happening, The guard claimed that Young Uhtred was a spy. Steapa later released Uhtred from the dungeon, telling him that he was to be released at the Mercian border and watched as he left Wessex for good. Aethelwold then confirmed that Sigebriht was to fight for Wessex, and he said that Uhtred was nothing but a sword and a lump of mettle, that he would die forgotten unwritten, and that he would go to neither Heaven nor Valhalla. That night, Uhtred was told that he would have to be brought back to Winchester on Alfred's orders. Skorpa and Uhtred headed back to Peredur's home, where Iseult voluntarily told them the location of the treasure, having anticipated Uhtred's arrival. He told Aelfric's men that he only sought vengeance on his uncle, and that he would swear an oath to them if they would recognize him as Bebbanburg's true lord. After Rypere returned with news, Uhtred headed to Beamfleot and was invited into the Witan by Odda. Uhtred later returned to Winchester for the week of Aethelflaed's wedding, and he gave Sihtric permission to marry an alehouse whore. Ultimately, Uhtred convinced the nobles to make her ruler, to Edward's chagrin. The next morning, Uhtred delivered food to Skade, who failed to seduce him. Uhtred agreed to pay the wergild, but said that he could not swear an oath to Edward. See more ideas about the last kingdom, uhtred of bebbanburg, alexander dreymon. King Guthred assembled his earls and declared that a holy army would assemble and march on York with the body of Saint Cuthbert. 34. Uhtred and his brigands riding in Cornwall. Leofric admitted to the crimes and said that he head donated his plunder to the Church and begged forgiveness, but Odda refused to accept Leofric's claim that he had voluntarily gone to Cornwall rather than followed Uhtred. Brida then arrived and saw a ray of light shining on Aethelwold's body, saying that it was a bridge for Ragnar's spirit to head to Valhalla, and Uhtred and Brida briefly embraced before she broke off, remembering that they were on opposite sides of the battle. That night, Edward decided to speak to Uhtred, hoping to give him 500 men to attack Beamfleot and weaken the Danes before a great battle. Beocca then took Uhtred to meet Alfred, believing that the experience would be good for him, and Alfred asked Uhtred if he had been a good boy. Alfred summarized the situation by saying that Ubbe had sent spies to Mercia to search for Uhtred's whereabouts, while Guthrum was preparing an invasion of Wessex. With Ubbe in Ireland, Guthrum would have to decide if he would fight alone, and Alfred estimated that he would fear losing too many of his own men, and would not fight. Uhtred latre fell from his horse while riding, and he said that Skade was squeezing the life from him. Sigefrid, resolving to die in battle, led a cavalry charge, and Uhtred was trampled and badly wounded, as the shield wall was not formed in time to hold back the attack. Sigefrid and Erik reveal that Uhtred is still alive, which angers Ælfric, as the agreed upon price for 200 men was Uhtred’s head. Shortly after the arrival of the troops, Uhtred and Leofric led a raid on Skorpa's fleet near Athelney, burning their ships and stranding Skorpa's army on English soil. Uhtred personally returned to Winchester to warn the King, and, when Odda criticized him for not engaging, he said that he had only 20 men under his command, and it would have been a slaughter. Hild then entered and revealed that she had placed the cross there, and she informed Uhtred that his children had been placed under the care of priests and nuns in Winchester and were baptized as Christians. Later that night, 20 October 899, Alfred passed away. Hild then spoke with Uhtred, who felt that he had no place. Weitere Ideen zu Das letzte königreich, Serien, Uhtred von bebbanburg. The Cornish warriors were slaughtered down to the last man, and Peredur was forced to give up the location of the silver, which was buried in the hole under his throne. Beocca showed Uhtred documents which proved that he was the rightful Ealdorman of Bebbanburg, saying that Alfred knew of his legitimacy, and he told him to behave like an ealdorman. Brida decided to let Uhtred live with the pain of his brother's death, and Uhtred decided to go to Alfred and beg for an army. Uhtred (auch Uchtred, Utred; 1016) war unter König Æthelred II. Halig then joined the party as they headed through Liscumb and the covered roads towards Odda's estate at Exeter, and the party walked through Liscumb, finding it burned down with its tenants slaughtered. Mildrith then told Uhtred that he could either sleep with Iseult among the livestock or sleep in the home by her and their son's side, and Uhtred - angered by Mildrith's piety - decided to instead sleep (nothing more) with Iseult. The site was originally the location of a Celtic Brittonic fort known as Din Guarie and may have been the capital of the kingdom of Bernicia from its foundation in c. 420 to 547. Erkenwald later told Uhtred that he would do his best to keep him away from Edward, but Uhtred retorted, and Erkenwald left. Convinced that they were marching on the fortress of Wareham as the prelude to a great Danish invasion, Alfred had all of his ealdormen raise their armies and march on Wareham.

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